Monday, April 5, 2010


We spent Easter at my parent's house. We had a lovely time. Below is a selection of photos from the day. We Skyped with my brother and his family, but no photo of that. It was fun to see and talk with them. My nephew has no two front teeth! Isn't Skyping the best?

An egg hunt in the backyard. Where o' where are they? No snow to hinder the looking.

Tons of picture taking and taking pictures of the picture takers.

Finding out what goodies are in the eggs. This year, lipgloss, hair pretties, erasers and money!

A delicious meal. We're not much of a ham family, so turkey it is.

The requisite self-portrait photo. I see you D!

A bit of sidewalk chalk hang man. Yes, you are a sassy chick. :)

A spring day is not complete without playing some four square. My goal before summer starts is to find the best four square ball ever! We need one like what I used as a kid. None of this small, hardly any bounce nonsense.

Waiting to get into the four square game. I see you there too, D.

Hmm, the ball got stuck.

But my brother-in-law rescued it and we resumed play.

The time always goes by so quickly. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

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