Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

*A special Ten on Tuesday today. Ten things I want to remember about our Easter weekend celebration. A few weeks ago, we found out my brother and his family were able to come. Hooray! Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling all that well, but good times were still had. 

1| I want to remember taking these photos. The last few times we've gotten together, the kids have all gone off and played together, and we don't see them as much as I'd like. I loved these few moments being silly together.

2| I want to remember celebrating my nephew's birthday. We got a violin cake mold and made the strings with black licorice, and the chin rest with black frosting, and the bridge with an extra piece of cake. It turned out awesome. My nephew took time to read my card, and thanked me for it and the gift. He's so polite!

3| I want to remember the trip to the zoo. I wasn't feeling the best, but I enjoyed watching the groundhogs. They were hilarious little creatures, speaking to each other by "barking." The kids enjoyed the farm babies. They were pretty cute.

4| I want to remember the Easter trivia game we played. We made up questions tailored for each child, and with each answer, they got a prize. My Mom was the MC, my oldest niece passed out the prizes and I was the host. I think they had a lot of fun. I certainly did. D told me afterwards that she wished there were more questions and harder ones. Mental note for next year.

5| I want to remember S getting me past the level of Angry Birds that I've been stuck on. Now, I'm stuck on the next level!

6| I want to remember playing 500 and Be Mean to Your Neighbor. I love playing games. There was a lot of laughter and oohs and ughs when the certain cards made an appearance.

7| I want to remember the wonderful Easter feast; a roast beef dinner. It allowed for great leftovers the last few days too. Yum, yum.

8| I want to remember playing Battle Ships with D on Easter morning. She got it from the Easter bunny. She sunk all my ships! We put our largest ship in the same spot. Great minds....

9| I want to remember A playing the piano. She gave us several concerts with songs she made up. They were really fun. She sat on the bench and moved her entire body with the movement of her fingers. It was so cute. She gave us a great bow at the end too.

10| I want to remember how well the cousins played together. They were attached at the hip the entire weekend; playing a lot of school. I loved playing school at their age too. A especially loved being with D. They were so cute when they held hands at the zoo. They also all went to the park on their own. That's definitely a first. I love that they get along so well.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Very fun weekend! Rach

Tammy said...

That's a houseful! Looks like you had a blast and made some great memories. Love spending time with the little people, too! :)