Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1| Take a look at my haul of Martha Stewart labels! Do you think I went overboard? No way? I agree.

2| This past weekend, D, M, and I took a road trip to my parent's house. This has become my gift to my sister and brother-in-law for their anniversary. We had a great time. D is allergic to peanuts, so she never gets to eat bakery donuts, so we made our own donuts this weekend. They were donuts with the hole in the middle and glaze on top and everything. They were delicious. The next morning, she had me take a picture of her eating the donuts....the first time ever. She was thrilled.

3| My pen paling with S and A has caught on. In addition to writing me back, S wrote letters to his cousins too and they wrote him back. Love it.

4| The other day, when I was getting ready for bed, I found my pajama top, but I couldn't find my pajama bottoms. I looked everywhere, for about a minute, before I realized I was already wearing them. I had put them on earlier in the evening. Oh my goodness. Cracks me up every time. A sign of my life right now. My brain is too full!

5| I watched Smash. I thought it had a very slow start. The dialogue is a tad painful. But I enjoyed the last 10 minutes immensely. I'll give it one more week.

6| I picked up the ruffle paper from the Dear Lizzy Neapolitan collection. It's so pretty. I will have to work hard not to hoard it!

7| I'm bummed that I completely missed out on getting tickets to the Florence and the Machine concert in April. It sold out in minutes. Boo.

8| My taxes are done for another year. Hooray! Thank goodness for CPA Fathers!

9| I won a gift card for Two Peas and I'm making a list. I'm waiting for Amy Tangerine's new line, Sketchbook, and I am happy to see Elle's Studio is now sold at Two Peas too.

10| February completely snuck up on me. I can't believe January is behind us. I hope I can find a balance with home and work soon. I want to plan things. I want to start and finish books. I want to create and create and then share it here. I want to spend time with friends. I want to cultivate new relationships. I want to travel. Here's to figuring it all out....


Anonymous said...

I'm excited that you are going to figure out the balance thing - please share when you have it nailed down:) Rachel

Tammy said...

When you figure it all out, share the secret with me! As grateful as I am to have found my temporary job that got me through the last few months, I am really looking forward to the lull I will have between jobs when I get back to Florida. The job WILL come, but maybe not for a good month or two. :) I love the labels! I have been on the lookout but haven't seen any yet. They are yummy!

Allison Waken said...

Yay to getting your taxes done! I forget things like having my pajama bottoms on already too, it's good for a laugh at least.