Monday, July 2, 2012

I've Been...

>> Exploring nearby cities I've never been to before.
>> Celebrating my awesome Dad.
>> Watching my nieces play soccer.
>> Visiting my happy place.
>> Watching the Twins take on the White Sox. Clear skies and cooler temps made for a perfect evening to watch outdoor ball.
>> Spending the afternoon at the beach, soaking up the beauty of summer.
>> Bringing home a haul from the farmer's market. Eating baby cucumbers by the handful.
>> Enjoying a neighborhood jazz concert and eating the most delicious beet salad wrap.
>> Playing Wii Music with my nieces and rolling on the floor in laughter at our conductor skills.
>> Eating fresh blueberries off my sister's plant.
>> Scrapping while watching You've Got Mail (ode to Nora Ephron)
>> Making menus, buying super soakers, and writing must do lists for our family's week together.

Summer always flies by. I hate that about summer. There's a lot on tap for July, but I need to squeeze in a few more things! Ready, set, go!

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