Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1| I was in D.C. for work last week (my first ever work trip), and we ate at Filomena in Georgetown, made famous by Bill Clinton. The best part? The cheesecake. Yum, yum. I was bummed to not have enough time to see the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. Next time.

2| I've been playing a lot of Angry Birds. An iPhone app I was addicted to before I got my own iPhone. I commandeered my family and friends' phones whenever possible. I got it right after I got the Instagram app. I have my priorities. But I can't get past this one level. Practice makes perfect.

3| My building has a workout center now. I've been there twice. Hip, hip! I just need to keep at it!

4| Remember a couple weeks ago, I was talking about wanting to take an online class. Well, I'm overflowing in classes now. I purchased Ali Edwards' Five class and am preparing a book of the top 5 moments from 2011. I also won a spot in the Hitchhiker's Guide to Scrapbooking with Shimelle Laine. I've listened to a couple of the lessons so far. Shimelle shares a bunch of techniques and new layouts. Kelly Purkey is also offering Sketchbook 4, (hooray!) which reminded me of Sketchpad, which I purchased a few months ago. I took it out and started working through it. Stay tuned for a layout this week using one of the sketches.

5| I watched the season finale of Parenthood last week. Or was it the series finale? They wrapped everything up nice and neatly. I'm worried it isn't returning, which would be a big fat bummer. I love that show!

6| We spring forward this weekend. I'm so looking forward to longer days.

7| I was on Pinterest and this mini album by Saturday Morning Vintage caught my eye. I love how thick it is, and full of great photos and tags and memorabilia. Awesome.

8| I haven't been interested in cooking this winter. Not sure what's up, but I've been stuck on the same couple of recipes. Until this weekend. I was browsing a couple of my favorite foodie blogs and came across this Pasta and Bean Soup recipe. I didn't put in the sausage. It turned out great. It was hearty and warm and delicious.

9| I just started reading, Let The Great World Spin, by Colum McCann. I love the feeling of opening up a new book.

10| I'm looking forward to hanging out with my niece this weekend. Books, food, movie. Sounds perfect to me.

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